Who We Are

Proxigas, is the new gas industry reference Association formed in 2022 as a result of the aggregation of IGAS and Anigas, a historic industry entity founded on May 9, 1946, which, since then, has been a member of Confindustria (Confederazione Generale dell’Industria Italiana).

Proxigas represents the companies operating in the entire natural gas supply chain:

  • Companies that manage infrastructure and operate in the areas of transportation, storage, regasification of liquefied natural gas, and local distribution
  • Companies engaged in the commercial trading and sale of natural gas in the retail and wholesale markets

Associated businesses, entrepreneurial and/or professional entities whose activities align with or can be instrumental in connection with the institutionally represented businesses may also join the Association as aggregate members. Today, organizations operating in the use of natural gas in transportation and the development of renewable gases such as biomethane, as well as companies that provide services to gas utilities, join as aggregate members.

Proxigas brings together both major players and medium-to-small sized companies in the industry.

The Association represents:

  • 100% of the storage and regasification infrastructure and 93% of the national transport network
  • 85% of the gas imported into Italy
  • 60% of the gas distribution sector
  • More than 60% of the wholesale and retail market, in terms of volumes and end consumers