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Regulatory Activity

Proxigas oversees regulatory activity with reference to the entire natural gas supply chain, tracking the development of regulation with reference to infrastructure (transportation, storage, distribution, and regasification) and in relation to commercial transactions from wholesale and retail sales to trading.

In particular, the Association:

  • Ensures regulatory monitoring and daily information on resolutions published by ARERA and their impact on the sector
  • Actively participates in talks prior to the adoption of resolutions while promoting the position established at the associative level
  • It presides over the roundtables instituted for the different areas where regulation is developed (ARERA, AU, GSE, GME) to bring input from the gas industry
  • Is a member of ARERA’s Permanent Observatory on Regulation and is present in the Energy Efficiency Working Group and, with the role of coordinator, in the Gas Working Group
  • Provides assistance to member companies with respect to the interpretation and application of ARERA resolutions

Proxigas also participates in the Transportation, Storage and Regasification Consultation Committees.

The Association also follows the development of European regulation, with reference to the work of ACER and the implementation of financial regulations (MAD, MIFID, EMIR).